3 Reasons Why Your Merlin Garage Door Opener Is Not Working 

merlin garage door opener not working

It’s easy to get frustrated when your Merlin garage door opener isn’t working as it should. There’s nothing more irritating than not being able to park your car in the garage. Or worse still, not being able to get your car out of the garage when you need it!
 merlin garage door opener not working

Thankfully, most of the time the problem with your Merlin garage door opener is pretty easy to diagnose. And often you can fix the issue yourself. In this article, we’ll cover 3 of the most common reasons why your Merlin garage door opener has stopped working.

1. The battery in your Merlin remote is dead

This is the most common reason your merlin garage door opener stops working and thankfully, it’s the easiest to fix. To test whether or not your merlin remote has run out of juice, stand close to your garage door and try to open the door with the remote.

If that doesn’t work, try pressing the button on the wall mount remote. If your garage door opens, all you need to do is replace the battery in the portable Merlin remote.

If replacing the battery doesn’t work, something could be blocking the signal to your Merlin garage door opener.

Most batteries have an LED light, if this is not lighting up there is no signal being sent to the garage door.

2. Your garage door won’t close all the way

If your garage door is opening just fine but won’t close all the way, there’s likely an issue with your merlin garage door opener.

If you have PE beams your safety sensors may need realigning. The safety sensors located at the bottom of your door track require a clear line of vision for your merlin garage door opener to work as it should.

If anything is blocking that sightline, or if the sensors are misaligned, your garage door won’t be able to close properly. If as far as you can tell the sightline is clear then it’s time to call in a professional.

3. Your garage door reverses before hitting the floor

Your Merlin garage door opener likely has an adjustment screw that controls the closing force. If your garage door is reversing before it even hits the floor, your close force setting likely needs adjusting. If this is the case, your door rollers are essentially tricking the merlin garage door opener into thinking that the door has already reached the floor.

Your door and opener need a service, give us a call before it becomes a bigger problem.

4. There is an issue with your garage door itself.

It may be a broken sectional door spring or the cables have come off your door,

A broken hinge or arm or a tilt door spring has broken.

These issues definitely require a visit from one of our technicians.

Call our office and our staff are able to troubleshoot and diagnose your issues over the phone and organize a repair if necessary.

Still, got problems with your Merlin Garage Door Opener? Give us a call

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Often we can solve most common issues over the phone at no cost to you. If you need a replacement Merlin garage door opener, we’d be happy to come out and install it for you. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.