3 Unexpected Benefits Of Installing A New Garage Door

Most garage doors can last for around thirty years, but the lifespan of your garage door depends on a number of factors such as how well you’ve maintained it, how often you’ve had it serviced, and environmental factors like severe weather. 

If your garage door is looking a little tired or in need of repair, you might be wondering what the benefits of installing a new garage door are. That’s why in this article, we’ll share three unexpected benefits of installing a new garage door. 

Reduces your heating and cooling costs 

That’s right! A new garage door can have a significant impact on your energy bills. One of the unexpected benefits of installing a new garage door is that it provides better insulation to your home. With stronger insulation from the cold and heat, a new garage door can lessen your carbon footprint while also increasing savings on your bills. 

Installing a new garage door makes your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s a win-win solution.

A new garage door is safer for your family 

Older garage doors and manual doors can be safety hazards for your family, especially if they’re no longer functioning as they should. One of the most important features of an automatic garage door is that its sensor detects any movement beneath the door while it is opening or shutting. 

If your garage door doesn’t have that feature, or if you suspect the feature may be malfunctioning, it’s time to install a new garage door. Otherwise, you run the risk of your garage door causing injuries to your family or pets. 

Another benefit of installing a new garage door is that you can have peace of mind knowing that your family is unlikely to suffer from any garage related injuries. A new garage door should come equipped with the latest sensors, ensuring that the door stops and auto-reverses if there is anything blocking it’s path or if it detects any sudden movement while the door is closing. 

Increases the value of your home

The final unexpected benefit of installing a new garage door is that it actually increases the value of your home! If you’re planning on selling soon or in the future, installing a new garage door is a solid investment and you could see an immediate ROI. 

If you’re not planning on selling in the foreseeable future, it’s still a great idea to install a new garage door as it will increase your curb appeal and make entering or exiting your home so much easier. 

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