5 Reasons Why Your Merlin Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

merlin garage door opener not working

After a long day at work, exhausted and stressed, you reach home only to find out that your garage door isn’t functioning correctly. You see, there’s nothing as fun as driving into your garage without getting out of your car. So it can be downright frustrating when your garage door remote control suddenly stops working. Fortunately, Eastern Garage Doors can help you with any garage door-related problems. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the most common reasons why your Merlin garage door opener is not working, so let’s dive in.

5 Reasons Why Your Merlin Garage Door Opener Is Not Working
merlin garage door opener not working

1. Battery is Dead

A dead battery is one of the most common reasons why your garage door couldn’t be working. To confirm if your battery has run out, hold the remote near the garage door motor unit. If your remote isn’t still working, there’s a possibility your battery has run out.

When you press the button on your remote, the LED light should illuminate, but if it doesn’t, your remote’s battery has run out. Replace the battery, and if the problem persists, contact a Professional Garage Door Service to have your remote replaced.

2. The Signal Is Disrupted

The remote control signal may not reach the opener in some cases, and one of the possible causes is the remote control being out of range.

Stand about twenty feet from the garage door and press the remote to see if your garage door opens. Your garage will likely not open if you stand further away because the signal can’t reach the opener transmitter.

If the remote works without issue as you move further away, check the antennae. Dust may have accumulated, causing the signal disruption, and if that’s the case, clean the antennae. However, if the garage door opener remote still doesn’t work after cleaning, the antenna may have been damaged, so you’ll need a replacement.

3. Lock Button Engaged

It is usual for homeowners to press the control panel’s lock button inadvertently. So, if your garage door won’t open, don’t fret, as this will be a simple fix. All you need to do is press the lock button again to release the door, and if the remote works without a hitch, you’ve solved the problem.

4. It’s Experiencing RF Interference

Your garage door is experiencing RF interference if you experience any difficulty pressing your garage door remote. Anytime you’re experiencing RF interferences, your garage door will not receive a signal from your remote. And in most cases, the motion detectors, home alarm systems, and electronic game systems are to blame.

5. A Blown GFI

The damage of the Ground Fault Interpreter (GFI), which protects your house from electric hazards, can be another reason why your garage door remote could be faulty.

The GFI prevents your house from overheating when electrical faults occur. So the garage door will cease operating when the GFI is tripped.

You can resolve this by pressing the reset button on the garage-connected wall. The remote should open the garage door once you press this button.

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merlin garage door opener not working
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