5 Reasons Your Garage Door Remote Control Isn’t Working

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There’s nothing more frustrating than driving home from a long day at work, only to find yourself stuck outside because your roller door remote isn’t working. Thankfully, there’s usually a logical reason as to why this might be the case, and usually, it’s a simple fix.

In this article, we’ll cover 5 of the most common reasons your roller door remotes aren’t working as they’re meant to!

1. Battery is dead

Let’s start with the most obvious reason, the battery has gone flat on your roller door remote. If your wall panel remote is working as it should, but your roller door remote isn’t, check the batteries first. Also, see if the LED light on your remote control is working.

Most roller door remotes pop apart quite easily with a screwdriver. You can pick up a spare lithium battery from the supermarket and swap it out. If that works, problem solved! If not, keep reading.

2. Power

Always a good idea to check if the power is on – plug another electrical item into the powerpoint and see if this works. Check if your fuse box has not flicked a switch.

3. The door is manually locked.

Sometimes your door has a manual locking system also and this may have activated and be causing the issue.

4. TRF Interference.

Check to determine if the lock button is active on the panel. It may have gone off without your knowledge, or someone else could have muted it. Try your remote again once you’ve unlocked the door.

5. The garage door system needs a reset

Finally, the last thing you can try is a simple reset on your garage door system. Unplug the unit in the garage for around a minute or so before plugging it in again. Once you’ve done that, give your roller door remote another shot.

If your garage door is still refusing to open, then it might be time to give the friendly team at Eastern Garage Doors a call.

6. Your garage door opener may need replacing.

Your garage door may need replacing.

Call Eastern Garage Doors for help with your Garage Door Remotes

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