5 Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

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As homeowners, we sometimes take our garage doors for granted. It’s important to take notice of issues when they arise. If your garage door isn’t operating properly, or parts need replacing, sometimes a quick fix can save you from having a new one installed. Plus, the cost of waiting for the repairs could be expensive if not handled immediately.

So how do you know if your garage door needs repair or servicing? Take a moment to read through the following five signs to help you understand whether you need to call a professional or not.

5 Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

 garage door repairs eastern suburbs

1. It Won’t Open or Close Properly

An obvious indication that your garage door needs repair or servicing is its inability to open and close freely. If ignored it could lead to the problem of being locked, accidentally engaging a disconnect switch power source–plus it can make connections faulty!

2. Your Garage Door is Bowing

It’s common for your garage door to bow, especially when you leave them for an extended period. Bowing can make your garage door lose balance since the middle bracket will be longer than the end bracket, exerting more pressure in the middle of your door while increasing tension at both ends.

The best way to avoid bowing is by checking your garage door balance frequently. Manually open your garage door halfway, and if it doesn’t remain at one position, then it means that pressure on the springs are more and your garage door needs repair.

3. Delayed Response When Opening

Most garage doors function like a system of springs, sensors, tracks or pulleys. However, these can all become faulty, which may result in your door opening very slowly and requiring a service/repair.

When your garage door is not opening properly, it’s a good idea to check if the hinges and springs are in working order. If you notice any problems with alignment or tension then get an estimate on fixing them as soon as possible!

4. Automatic Opener Doesn’t Raise or Lower Your Door

Automatic garage door openers are more convenient because they’re easier and safer to use than manual ones. Nevertheless, automatic doors require regular servicing for them to be efficient; otherwise, you might experience power outages or battery problems that will make opening your own space difficult.

5. Your Door Makes a Lot of Noise

The sound of your garage door is an important indicator of how smoothly it operates. If you notice any excessive noise or grating sounds when opening and closing the door, there could be problems with some parts that need repair such as springs. They make a scraping/grunting noise rather than sliding easily as the normal operation would indicate.

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 garage door repairs eastern suburbs

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