5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Garage Door Remote

new garage door remote

How awesome is it that we have access to garage door remotes? Do you remember when you had to actually get out of the car and physically lift your garage door? Thank goodness those days are over! If your remote has been playing up lately and hasn’t been doing its job properly you might be wondering if it’s time to get a new garage door remote.

And while we can help you out with garage door remotes, before you toss your old one in the trash here are 5 things to consider before buying a new garage door remote.

Check the batteries

First up – you’ll want to check that your garage door remote batteries aren’t dead. This is the most common reason garage door remotes stop working and you’ll save yourself a few dollars on a new garage door remote by simply buying a new battery.

If you don’t have one on hand, make sure you don’t forget to take your garage door remote with you to ensure you pick up the right battery. If that doesn’t work at least you’ve got a spare battery for down the track!

Check the mechanisms inside the remote

The next thing to try is checking the actual mechanisms inside your garage door remote. If you notice any grime, dirt or excess dust the issue may be that your contacts need cleaning. Ensure you remove any grime and clean and dry the area before putting your batteries back in. Is it working now?

If not, test out any spare garage door remotes you have. If they seem to be working fine, your remote is the culprit. But if none of the garage door remotes are functioning correctly, it could be something else.

Check the receiver and the transmitter

Next up, try checking that your receiver isn’t being blocked by anything. Once you’ve made sure the path is clear, try seeing if that solves the issue. While you’re at it, ensure that the antenna (if you have one) is in the correct spot. Sometimes simply adjusting the antenna is enough to sort the issue.

Try doing a hard reset

Just like our computers, occasionally our garage door remotes may need a hard reset. To do this, remove the batteries from your remote and unplug the receiver for at least a full minute or more. This will reset the circuit boards.
Once a few minutes have passed, try plugging everything in again and give it another shot. Sometimes your garage door remote just needs a little break and a reset.

Call the team at Eastern Garage Doors

Have you tried everything listed here and it’s still not working? It might be time to order a new garage door remote. Our team at Eastern Garage Doors would be happy to chat with you about ordering a new remote or repairing your old one.

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