Electric Garage Door Repairs After a Storm

Over the past few weeks, Melbourne has experienced extremely wild storms that have led to power shortages in many parts of the city and surrounding suburbs. The Victorian State Emergency Service was overwhelmed with calls for assistance. Some people experienced power surges in their homes which has resulted in garage doors being affected and unable to open or shut properly.

In situations such as this, it is important to have your garage door service and repairs done as soon as possible because if the issue is not taken care of, things will only get worse. Let’s walk through why this is and what steps need to be taken to fix these issues quickly.

Impacts of a Storm on Your Garage Door

Modern garages are designed in a way to withstand heavy gusts of wind. However, some storms and winds can sometimes be too much for your door to handle. The heavy wind bends and breaks your garage door in some instances, causing difficulties in manual opening and closing.
Most garage door openers are electric which means they are at a higher risk of damage during stormy and windy seasons.

This can happen when lightning penetrates electric cables and outlets as lightning’s electromagnetic pulses can interfere with a garage door opener.

When wind hits your electric garage, it often loosens the singular panels, twists or bends the door, and generally puts the door off track. Heavy rain, thunderstorms and floods can also cause dents or other technical challenges to your garage door.

Importance Of Getting Your Garage Door Serviced

1. New Garage Doors Come With Battery Backup

With a quality garage door backup battery, you can open your door 50 times within 24 hours without any technical difficulties.
To preserve the backup battery, you’ll notice your garage door opening and closing slower than usual. Also, that the light is off during this time.

Standard backup battery systems need minor repairs and can even go for two to three years without maintenance. The battery often charges using the cable that’s connected to your electric garage door.

When your battery’s worn out and needs a change, you’ll get an alert through beeps or a flashlight, depending on the type of battery you have.

2. Prevents Unnecessary Accidents

Malfunctioning garage doors can lead to devastating accidents. This is true as it has been disclosed that around 18,000 people face chronic injuries caused by their garage doors yearly.

If your garage door is defective, it can either fall off or get stuck, which can cause severe or life-threatening injuries to anyone in the way.

If you see any signs that your garage door is faulty or hear any strange sounds when your door is opening and closing, call for help.
In these instances, you can call a credible company to inspect your garage door and fix the problem immediately. Early or quick reaction to your garage door will save you time, extra money, and potential injuries.

3. Better Home Security

Most garages are connected to our homes, which means that when your garage door doesn’t close efficiently, your home is at risk of robbery and theft.

The safety of your family comes first: fixing your garage door in a timely manner will come in handy to avoid any injuries and lost items.

Get Your Electric Garage Door Serviced Regularly

At Eastern Garage Doors, we strive to deliver quality services such as repairing and replacing automated garage door motors. Similarly, we repair and replace counterweight doors, rollers, and panel lifts.

We respond quickly to calls, and in no time, we’ll make the necessary electric garage door repairs. Speak to one of our professional technicians today.