Which Garage Door Opener is Right For Your Garage

Garage Door Opener

Are you in the market for a new garage door opener? Choosing a garage door opener is something most of us don’t really think about…that is until our current opener stops working or malfunctions. 

So if you’re looking for a new opener for your garage, you might be wondering how you pick one that will work for your garage. In this article, we’ll share what you should be looking for. 

What kind of garage door do you have? 

Let’s start by identifying what kind of garage door you have, as you want a garage door opener that will work for your door. Do you have a roller door, a tilt door, or a sectional door? 

A roller door is made from a metal curtain. As the door opens the curtain rolls up (like a yoga mat) to sit above the door opening, leaving the rest of your ceiling free. 

A tilt door has a single panel that opens outwards and upwards until fully open. 

A sectional door is made up of several panels and retracts across the ceiling of your garage. These are the most popular choice for modern garages. 

Your door specifications 

Garage door openers come with certain specifications that need to be met in order to work with your garage door. For instance, maximum weight load, maximum door size (this is usually listed in square metres), and opening height. 

Make sure the garage door opener you’re considering meets the specifications of your garage door before you purchase it.  

Manufacturer and installer warranty

Most garage door openers come with a manufacturer warranty, but if you’re hunting around for a company to install your garage door opener (and you should be!), you’ll also want to check if the company installing the garage door opener also offers their own warranty after installation. 

By checking this upfront, you can ensure that if anything goes wrong with the garage door opener, you’ll be able to get the problem sorted without any out of pocket costs. 


Different brands of openers come with different features. These features might include auto-close abilities, linking to a mobile phone app, safety beams or auto-reversing features. 

These safety features are important, especially if you have young children or pets at home. It’s definitely worth comparing the features of a few different garage door openers before making your selection. 

Chat to our team about the best for your garage 

It’s important to find a high-quality garage door opener that is backed fully by the manufacturer with an onsite warranty. We choose Merlin garage door openers for this reason as they stand by their product, our business and our customers fully.

Eastern Garage Doors offers a wide variety of garage door and opener options to suit any home. We’ve been in the industry for over 25 years, specialising exclusively with roller doors, tilt doors and sectional panel lift doors. Give our friendly team a call on 03 9812 3062 today to find out more