Garage Maintenance 101: How To Keep Your Garage in Great Shape

How often do you think about garage maintenance? Most homeowners are usually keen to give their garden or their cars some TLC, but when it comes to garages, it’s easy to neglect them. 

If you’re somebody who doesn’t give garage maintenance a second thought, this is a mistake. Your garage is a highly functional space in your home, and it deserves as much care as any other space in your home. 

In this article, we’ll outline some practical steps you can take to get started with garage maintenance, to ensure your garage functions well in the years to come. Let’s get started. 

Your garage door

The most integral part of your garage is the garage door. So when it comes to garage maintenance, it makes sense to start here. Keeping your garage door well maintained is crucial. Replacing a garage door can be expensive, so keeping your garage door in tip-top shape is a good practice to adopt. 

The easiest and most stress-free way to keep your garage door well maintained is to book regular services with a professional company such as Eastern Garage Doors. We can ensure your garage door is functioning as it should and complete any minor repairs before they turn into bigger (and more expensive) problems. 

Just as you might get your car serviced every 6-12 months, why not book in your garage door service at the same time? This way you’ll know your car is safe, as well as the space your car spends the most time in. 

Declutter your garage 

The second part of garage maintenance to consider is the space inside your garage. Is it neat and tidy or is there stuff everywhere? 

Consider installing some shelving to help you organise your garage and create a practical space. 

Not only does excess clutter make your garage look messy, but it can also cause safety hazards. The last thing your family needs is unnecessary accidents and injuries that could have been avoided by spending a bit of time on garage maintenance. 

Don’t forget to keep your garage floor clean

The last thing to consider when it comes to garage maintenance is your garage floor. If you forget this part of garage maintenance you could end up with cracks, chips, oil spills and more. 

Your garage floor is an important structural part of your garage, so it makes sense to invest some time into maintaining it. Consider adding an epoxy floor coating to improve your garage’s appearance and protect your garage floor. 

Let Eastern Garage Doors help you with garage maintenance

Most homeowners are more than happy to maintain their gardens or other living spaces, but many forget about the importance of garage maintenance. 

Keeping your garage well maintained, especially your garage door, is an important part of keeping your family and pets safe and secure. 

Eastern Garage Doors offers the best quality garage door services and repairs. We service Roller Doors, Tilt doors (Jamb and Track fittings), and Sectional Panelift Doors. 

We also provide counterweight door services! Our technicians are trained for all aspects of roller or tilt doors: opening/closing, fixing issues with jambs or track systems and repairing remote control openers. Give us a call today on 03) 9812 3062.