Coding Your Remote

To match handsets to control boxes you must gain access to the security code switches. The code Switches in the control box can be found by removing the cover, they are located on the printed circuit board (PCB).

To obtain remote & control box compatibility both sets of switches must match. Pre 1993 code banks contain two banks of 8 x 2 position switches = Up or Down. Post 1993 code banks contain one bank of 9 x 3 position switches = + 0 –

Select one of the EXAMPLE code sets below Code both code banks 1 to 16 in the control box & working old remotes to EXAMPLE marked Switch Banks 1 & 2 – Code the matching TM27 switches as per the sequence adjacent marked TM27 in the EXAMPLE.

gliderol remote programming

Recode the same as receiver or any working remote

gliderol remote programming