How To Change The Battery On My Merlin Remote

merlin remote battery

Nothing lasts forever…and at some point in time, the battery in your Merlin garage door remote is going to go flat on you.

There are a few different types of Merlin remotes, the most common being the C945 Merlin Remote, M842 Merlin Remote, M802 Merlin Remote, E960 Merlin Remote, E970 Merlin remote and the E945 Merlin remote.

If you need help changing the battery on either of these Merlin remotes, this article is for you.

How to change the battery on your Merlin remote

The first thing you’ll need to have on hand is a small, flat head screwdriver.

If you look on the side of your merlin remote, you’ll find a small hole. Simply pop the screwdriver into the hole on your merlin remote and use it to pop open the remote. The sides of the Merlin remote should come apart pretty easily.

Once you’ve opened up your Merlin remote, you’ll see one side containing the circuit board which houses the battery.

Grab your screwdriver again and use it to pop out the battery of your Merlin remote. You can push the back of the battery gently with your screwdriver and it should come out easily.

Once you’ve got the dead battery out, it’s time to replace it with a new battery. These particular Merlin remotes take either a  3 volt, lithium battery, a CR2025, or Cr 3032 Button Battery. Check what sort your remote has and you can pick one of those up at the supermarket.

Once you’ve got your new battery for your Merlin remote, it’s time to insert it into the remote. Make sure the positive side of the battery is facing up, and then slide it back into the merlin remote circuitry. Ensure that the new battery is secured nicely and firm.

Now it’s time to put your Merlin remote back together. It’s best to keep the side of the remote containing the rubber buttons faces down, as turning them over can make putting the remote back together a bit fiddly.

Grab the side of the Merlin remote containing the circuitry and place it on top of the side of the remote containing the buttons and press them together. They should lock together pretty easily. Press around all edges of your Merlin remote to ensure it’s properly closed.

Now as long as you’ve put the new battery incorrectly, your Merlin remote should be back in action and functioning as normal!

Test it out on your garage door. If it’s still not working, you’ve either put the battery on the wrong side up, or there is another issue with your Merlin remote.

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