How to Choose The Right Remote for Your Automatic Garage Door

Need a replacement garage door remote that’s compatible with your garage door opener? Finding the right remote for your automatic garage door is a relatively simple process. Keep reading to find out how to choose the right garage door remote for your particular garage door.  


Having a spare garage door remote on hand is always helpful, especially if you have multiple family members that require access to your garage. While it’s possible to purchase a universal garage door remote, we always recommend choosing a remote that matches your manufacturer’s garage door opener. This way you can be sure that the garage door remote will work properly with your garage door opener. 

Find your garage door opener information 

To help you choose the right garage door remote for your garage, you’ll need to know the brand manufacturer and model of your garage door opener. You can find this information on the motor unit mounted to your garage door ceiling or on the external receiver. 


With this information, you’ll be able to find the exact remote you need to match your garage door opener. If you find that you have a Merlin or Grifco garage door opener, Eastern Garage Doors has the right garage door remote for you. 

What kind of garage door remote do you need?

The next question to ask yourself is what kind of garage door remote do I need? For instance, do you want a portable remote that you can attach to your keys or clip to the visor inside your car? Or do you want a garage door remote that mounts to the inside wall of your garage? 


Once you know what kind of garage door remote you need your choices will narrow further. Other features to consider include how many garage doors you’d like to control with your remote, the frequency range of the garage door remote, and whether or not your remote has the ability to code Security+ and Security+ 2.0 on the one remote. 


If you’re looking for a garage door remote that clips to the inside of your car you’ll want to make sure the clip is included too.   


The number of buttons on your garage door remote is also important. For instance, if you need a remote to control two garage door openers and a garage light then you’ll need to choose a remote that has at least three buttons, like this one


Call us at Eastern Garage Doors for garage door remote recommendations 

If you’re still unsure as to which garage door remote to purchase for your garage door opener, the team at Eastern Garage Doors can help. We can recommend the perfect remote to suit your needs. We specialise in Merlin garage door openers, remotes and accessories but we also have a wide range of garage door remotes to suit any home. 


Give us a call on 03 9812 3062 to chat to someone from our friendly team. We’d be happy to order and send you the perfect garage door remote.