How to Ensure That Your Garage Door is Child-Safe

It’s no secret that when you have children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, you’ll likely be doing a lot of childproofing around the home. Garage door safety is no exception. 


It’s not uncommon for new parents to start locking kitchen cabinets, placing cleaning chemicals out of reach, and ensuring no forks get anywhere near electrical outlets. But what about childproofing your garage door? 


Garage door safety can be easily overlooked when childproofing your home. After all, it’s not like two-year-old Susie will be playing in the garage right? Think again! The thing is, your garage door can present a number of different safety hazards for your children. So garage door safety is something that needs to be taken into consideration. 


In this article, we’ll discuss how to ensure your garage door is child-safe. 

Keep garage door remotes out of reach

Most homeowners have a wall mount remote for their garage door along with portable remotes in their car or attached to keys. All of these garage door remotes need to be kept out of reach from your little ones. Why? 


Little kids love anything with buttons. Something like a garage door remote might seem like a toy, and when they realise they can control the garage door with this new toy they might start to think that the garage door itself is a toy too. 


Keeping remotes away from little fingers is an important part of garage door safety – the last thing you want to happen is for your toddler to wander out of the house without your knowledge after opening the garage door. 


Play it safe and teach your kids how to use a garage door remote responsibly when they’re old enough to understand how it works. 

Get your garage door serviced regularly 

Another way to ensure your garage door is child-safe is to have it serviced regularly. Professional companies such as Eastern Garage Doors can come to your home and make sure all parts of your garage door system are functioning properly. 


Just like it’s important to periodically check your smoke alarms or get your car serviced, an important part of garage door safety is having your garage door inspected. 


Eastern garage doors will check the springs, cables, tracks, hinges and sensors of your garage door and deal with any potential safety hazards before they become a big issue. 

If your garage door is old, consider replacing it

Are you still using a manual garage door? It’s time for an upgrade!


Modern garage doors are usually fitted with motion and object sensors. This means that if something is under your garage door (like little Bobby) while the garage door is shutting, the sensor will sense it kicks the door into reverse to avoid any mishaps. 


Manual garage doors don’t have this feature and are more likely to cause accidents or injuries to your family. Upgrade your garage door safety by upgrading your garage door! 

Choose Eastern Garage Doors for garage door safety

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