How to Keep Your Garage Roller Door in Good Condition

garage door roller repair

We sometimes take our garage roller door for granted as most of us use it daily without a second thought. It’s only when something goes wrong that we start to appreciate the value of a good functioning garage roller door.

garage door roller repair

If an issue arises with your garage roller door it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re not exactly sure what’s causing your garage door roller to not function properly.

That’s why it’s important to ensure your garage roller door is seen by a professional garage door repair company who can identify the issue, what caused it and how to get it operating in the right way again.

In saying that, here are some helpful tips to minimise the risk of having to call a professional and keep your garage in good working condition.

Understand how your door operates

Although this may sound obvious, it’s important to know how your roller door operates. Take the time to read the manual and understand how it should function. If there is an issue with the roller door you can identify it quickly and know how to troubleshoot any minor concerns.

Remember, it is important to contact a professional technician if you experience any malfunction or major issue with your garage roller door. Here at Eastern Garage Doors, we have over 25 years of experience with the installation, repairs and servicing of garage roller doors.

Make sure your tracks are working properly

If your garage roller door tracks are damaged or there is a build-up of dirt and grit, then your garage door may not work properly. It might be a case of having to just wipe the tracks with a rag to fix the problem but if your garage door still has issues functioning as it should then there may be a bigger problem.

Given they are used multiple times a day, it’s important to address any concerns with a professional who can not only address the issue but advise you on how to maintain your tracks to eliminate the occurrence of future problems.

Regular servicing and maintenance

It’s important to make sure your garage roller door is serviced regularly. Most of us invest in our cars making sure they are serviced, it is just as important to get your garage door checked too. Not only will you minimise the risk of some major issue from occurring with your garage door but you want to make sure everything is in proper working order.

The team at Eastern Garage Doors are qualified technicians that will service, repair and replace motors for garage roller doors. We service brands such as ATA, B&D, BOSS, Dominator, Merlin, Elsema, Remotadoor & Steel-Line.

Call Eastern Garage Doors for Garage Door Roller Repairs 

If you’re still experiencing issues with your garage roller door, it’s time to call in a professional company like Eastern Garage Doors.

We can help you identify what’s causing your garage door issues and get it fixed for you at a competitive price. We can even give you more information and tips on how to keep your garage door in great working condition.

Give us a call today on 03 9812 3062. We’d be happy to talk you through your garage door problem and let you know how we can help.