How To Know Whether to Replace or Repair Your Garage Door

Garage doors get quite the workout during an average year – often opening and closing multiple times in a single day. Over time, so much use naturally leads to wear and tear and worn down parts. But how do you know when you’re in need of garage door repairs or when you should be replacing your garage door? Keep reading to find out. 


If your garage door is damaged or not functioning as it should, you’ll want to do something about it sooner rather than later. Companies such as Eastern Garage Doors can assist you with garage door repairs and garage door services. 


What you require really depends on what kind of damage your garage door has sustained. 

Damage that requires garage door repairs

The damage to your garage door may only be minor (like cosmetic damage) or it could be severe (such as the door failing to close correctly). Here’s an outline of the most common damage we see here at Eastern Garage Doors. 


Cosmetic Damage – Cosmetic damage includes things like chipped paint, minor dents or cracks. Basically, any damage that doesn’t actually affect the structural integrity or functioning of your door. If your garage door damage falls under this category then you’ll probably just want to repair your garage door over replacing it. 


Moderate Damage – If your garage door isn’t functioning as it should, the damage may be a little more serious. For instance, if your garage door has fallen off its tracks or is excessively noisy when opening or shutting, or worse still – not opening at all. If this is the case, your garage door may just need garage door services. This is when a company like Eastern Garage Doors comes to your house to service your door and diagnose any issues. Most minor issues can be solved on the spot or by replacing a few parts. 


Serious Damage – If your garage door has suffered serious damage due to a natural disaster, or if it’s no longer working at all and garage door repairs are unable to fix the issue, then it’s time to replace your garage door. Once you’ve picked your new door out, Eastern Garage Doors can help you install your new door and keep it in top shape with regular garage door services. 


Garage Door Repairs Vs Garage Door Replacement: What’s the cost? 

For minor or moderate damage it’s more likely to be more cost-effective to opt for garage door repairs over replacement. However, if the total cost of garage door repairs is more than the price of buying a new door, you might as well replace your garage door. It all comes down to what kind of garage door repairs you need. 

Choose Eastern Garage Doors for Garage Door Repairs 

Your service begins when you pick up the phone and call us! Often we can diagnose issues over the phone, at no cost to you. If you need garage door repairs or garage door services and you’re based in the Melbourne area, call Eastern Garage Doors today on 03 9812 3062.