Keeping the Family Safe Around the House with Merlin myQ Connectivity Kit with Safety Beams

Wondering how you can increase garage door safety and security in your home? Smart-tech is the answer! 

Our partners at Merlin have launched a new product called the ‘Merlin myQ Connectivity Kit’. 

In this article, we’ll outline how this kit can keep you and your family safe around the house and garage door. 

Garage door safety with ‘Safety Beams’ 

Have you ever had a pet or small child dash under a moving garage door? Unexpected actions like these can set your pulse racing, however Merlin’s smart technology has garage door safety at the forefront. 

If the safety beams detect any movement or objects (like your dog or child) under the garage door, the safety reverse function automatically kicks in, avoiding any accidents and keeping your family safe. 

Merlin MyQ gives you more control when you’re not home 

Do you ever go to run errands down the street and think to yourself, ‘Hang on, did I shut my garage door?’ 

Now you won’t have to wonder until you get home. With the Merlin MyQ App, you’ll be able to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere in the world. This feature helps to increase garage door safety and security, giving you peace of mind that your home is secure when you’re out. 

Set schedules on your garage door 

Most people have a regular work routine and leave or come home around the same time each day. With the Merlin MyQ App you can set a schedule for your garage door to open or close, as well as control your garage door lights with timers. 

This is a great feature for garage door safety, it means you can leave the light on for someone who hasn’t come home yet, or control your garage door while away on a trip. 

Receive notifications when the garage door opens or closes 

When it comes to garage door safety, you want to be informed if there’s someone opening or closing the garage door. With Merlin’s MyQ app, you can program it to send you notifications whenever your garage door is open or closed. 

This adds an extra layer of security and garage door safety so that you can be secure and confident in knowing that your home and family are safe. 

Increase garage door safety with a Merlin MyQ Connectivity Kit. 

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