Merlin’s Safety Technology: Keeping Australian Families Safe

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  • Eastern Garage Doors recommends Merlin products for their customers
  • Merlin is a leading manufacturer in the home security industry
  • Merlin’s dedication to innovative products has resulted in some of the best smart home access products on the market
  • Garage door specialists at Eastern Garage Doors are committed to keeping customers and their families safe

At Eastern Garage Doors, we’re proud to recommend Merlin products to all of our customers. As a leading manufacturer in the home security industry, Merlin’s dedication to producing innovative products has resulted in some of the best smart home access products available on the market today. 

As garage door specialists, we’re committed to keeping you and your family safe every time you move in, out, or around your garage. And with Merlin’s cutting edge technology as well as great features such as; Auto-reverse, safety beams, and myQ technology, you can be sure that with Merlin you and your family will stay safe around the garage.  

In this article, we’ll share some of the best safety features that Merlin products are known for, so that you can feel confident that when you purchase a Merlin product through us, you’re choosing safety and security for your home.  

Merlin safety beams protect your family 

Let’s say you and your family are enjoying some time at home over the weekend. You’re working on a project in the garage with the door open, and the kids are playing on the driveway outside. 

After completing your project, you decide to close the garage door so that you can go and join the kids. But as the garage door starts closing, one of the kids decides to dash under the door. Yikes! 

Fortunately, with Merlin’s safety technology installed, the safety beams feature detects the motion and immediately starts reversing the garage door back up. No injuries occur! 

With safety beams, you can rest assured that if any pets or people get in the way while your garage door is closing the door will reverse immediately. 

Avoid damage with built-in auto-reverse technology 

It’s no secret that garage doors are heavy, and they’re usually the largest moving objects in your home! 

So what happens if you accidentally park your car too far out, blocking your garage door from closing? What about when there’s a stray bike or scooter left lying in the doorway of your garage? 

Whatever the case, if you have a Merlin garage door opener installed, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings won’t be damaged. This is because all Merlin garage door openers come with a built-in auto-reverse feature. What this means is that your garage door will automatically reverse (in less than a second) when it touches any obstruction in your doorway (like your car!). 

This is just another way your belongings stay safe and protected with Merlin. 

Merlin’s myQ technology gives you more control 

We’ve all been there – you’re out shopping or on your way to the airport when you think to yourself, ‘Oh no, did I leave the garage door open?!’ 

Leaving the garage door open while you’re out is a recipe for disaster. The family pet could get out, or worse, trespassers could have easy access to your home! 

But thankfully, with Merlin’s MyQ technology, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to control your garage door, no matter where you are. 

If your garage door has been left open, or if it needs to be closed, you’ll receive a notification directly to your phone, tablet or Apple watch. With MyQ, you’ll be able to shut your garage door with a quick tap on your device. Problem solved! 

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