Panel Lift Doors Service

Panel Lift or Sectional Doors

Most problems that occur are broken springs, worn track wheels and broken hinges that hold the panels together. A general service and maintenance to your door will help keep it in great shape and pin-point any problems that may be occurring.

These doors are generally manufactured by STEEL-LINE, CSI, B&D and a few others.

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Panel Lift / Sectional Door Springs

These springs sit above the door or sometimes they are rear mounted and will be at the back of the garage. You may not realize that your sectional panel lift door springs is broken, but you will have the following issues.

  • The opener will not be able to open the door all the way and may close with a thur.
  • When you put the door on manual it will be too heavy to lift.

When you find you have a broken spring for safety reasons it is best to stop using the door and opener immediately. If you continue to use the opener you will cause undue stress on it and require repairs to the opener also.

It is recommended that both springs are replaced at the same time on a Sectional door as the second spring will generally break within a short period after and it is best for your door and opener to have both springs working efficiently with the same tension.

Cables for Panel Lift / Sectional Doors

Often your problem may be frayed or snapped cables. These cables do a lot of hard work and are under tension for an extended period of time. If you cable has snapped please do not try to open the door call us immediately and we will attend.

Replacing the cables is a very difficult and dangerous job. Keep in mind that you are dealing with springs that are capable of lifting a 100kg+ door. It is highly recommended that a cable replacement be carried out by a trained professional.