Remotes For Garage Doors Review

remotes for garage doors

Buying the right remotes for garage doors can be tricky. How do you know which is the correct remote for your garage door?

Before you buy a remote you’ll need to know which brand of garage door opener you currently have. This is because all remotes for garage doors are only compatible with the garage door opener they were made to open.

Once you have that information, it will be much easier to find the correct remote for your garage door opener. Here at Eastern Garage Doors, we specialise in Merlin and Grifco garage door remotes. In this article, we’ll review our best selling remotes for garage doors.

Here are some of the remotes that we sell – if you head to our website you can see which openers they are compatible with.

If you don’t see your garage door remote control on our website we can often help you find the one you are looking for.

There are many generic remote controls available.  We do not recommend the as they can often cause other issues with interference on your garage door opener.

In fact, Merlin’s warranty is void if you use generic remote controls.

C945 Merlin 3 Button Key Ring Remote Control

With its handy keyring, you can easily attach these remotes for garage doors onto your car keys or chain. Capable of controlling up to 3 different garage doors or gates, this Merlin garage door remote is incredibly popular amongst our customers.

E964M Four Button Car Visor Remote Control (Security+ 2.0 & Security+)

If you prefer to keep your remotes on your car visor, this is the Merlin remote for you. Featuring a large main button there won’t be any confusion about which button to press to open your garage door. This garage door remote can code both Merlin Security+ as well as Merlin Security+ 2.0. Compatible with any Merlin or Chamberlain garage door opener manufactured from 2009 onwards.

E148M Four Button Wireless Wall Mount Remote Control 

Control up to 4 garage doors with this handy wall mount remote control. Designed to be hung on your garage wall, these remotes for garage doors generate a unique code with each activation. Installation is wireless and simple, and you’ll love the green LED light for confirmation of remote function.

E960G Grifco 4 Channel Keyring Transmitter

If you’ve got a Grifco garage door opener then you’re best off choosing Grifco remotes for garage doors. Featuring patented Security +2.0 technology to ensure long-range and safe transmission. With its handy keyring feature, you’ll be able to take this garage door remote with you wherever you go.

E138G Grifco Wireless Wall Control

A wall mount design adds extra convenience to your garage. Ideal for mounting inside your garage. These garage door remotes feature a yellow LED indicator when in operation. It can be operated as a 2-channel transmitter or dedicated open/close single door controller.

Choose Eastern Garage Doors for your remotes for garage doors

We have been providing reliable and cost-effective garage door remotes and accessories to homes in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for over 25 years.

Eastern Garage Doors specialise in supplying garage door remotes for automated garage doors and gate opener systems. Our team recommends Merlin for garage door remotes and accessories, but we’re also happy to supply and install other leading brands.

The team at Eastern Garage Doors pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service at every visit, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about your garage door remotes.

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