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Have you noticed a creak, the thump of a door closing, or does your garage door take too long to open? it could be a sign that something may need to be repaired with your roller door opener. If you have no idea what is causing these issues and/or how they could be fixed, it helps to know exactly what is going on with your garage so you can get it repaired promptly by a professional rather than attempting do-it-yourself fixes that could lead to bigger problems later, or worse your door not operating when you need it to.

Although not given the attention they deserve, roller door openers are an essential part of our daily life and come with tons of benefits—safety, and convenience for example. You depend on them every day whether for work or play. They are not only designed to power roller doors but most importantly, allow you to open and close the garage door smoothly and quietly. Merlin Roller door openers can also have the added convenience of  Merlin myQ compatible technology that allows you to schedule, monitor,  get alerts and control your garage door via your iOS or Android devices.  This is a great option for older children also as they don’t have to carry a  remote and can access the garage from their phone. Using the Merlin myQ  App. We can also add battery backup which takes the frustration out of having to put your door onto manual during a power outage. You can just push your remote and off you go knowing that your door will safely open and close and go about your day as normal.

We use and recommend Merlin products and have a long relationship with  Merlin. Merlin offers great reliable aftercare service should you have a  warranty claim and always stand by us and our customers.

The Merlin Silent Drive Essential is suitable for smaller doors and has a five-year warranty, while the Merlin Silent Drive Elite is for larger doors and smaller doors that are older and heavier, this comes with a 7-year Warranty. Merlin also has their Weatherdrive opener which is suitable for outdoor applications or carports that get some rain. This comes with a 3-year warranty. If you have an oversized door, we recommend the Grifco LR Drive which is a semi-industrial opener.

Here at Eastern Garage Doors®, we take pride in having built a solid reputation as a trusted supplier of roller door openers. Our experienced technicians will assess your problem and give honest advice and repair,  install a new opener or quote if necessary. 

We are a family-owned and run business and offer competitive pricing, so call us today on (03) 9812 3062 to schedule an appointment or speak to one of our friendly office staff about your roller door opener.

If you are purchasing a new Merlin Garage Door Opener take advantage of these limited time offers.

Do you desire the ability to open and close your garage door or gate using your phone? We can make it possible.

We can also install safety beams to prevent accidents involving vehicles, pets, or people.

In case of a power outage, we can provide solutions to enable smooth opening and closing of your door.

Additionally, integrating a light or security keypad into your garage door system can further simplify your life.

Contact us to learn more about our Smart Pack, Security Pack, or Complete Pack upgrade options.

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