Signs that Your Automatic Garage Door Needs Repairs

automatic garage door repair

A recent study shows that most homeowners open and close their garage doors more regularly—1500 times annually. Furthermore, approximately 10,580 residential injuries are caused by garage doors.  However, most people don’t regularly check their garage doors to determine if they need repairs or replacements. Even worse, most homeowners wait until their garage doors are worn out completely, and that can be dangerous. By checking your garage door regularly, you can avoid any unforeseen problems, such as residential home injuries. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the signs that your automatic garage door needs repair —so let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Signs that Your Automatic Garage Door Needs Repairs
automatic garage door repair

1. Slow Response Time

It’s critical to keep an eye on the response time when opening and closing the garage door. For example, the door should open or close in seconds when you press the opener. Therefore, you need to examine your garage door springs and other components thoroughly.

Additionally, ensure that the tracks, rollers, and hinges are lubricated to close and open easily. Consider an executive lubricant, but do not use WD-40 to lubricate your garage door as it behaves more like a cleaner.

Suppose your garage door slow response time persists; reach out to a reputable garage door service company to examine your garage door and find a quick solution.

2. The Door is Sagging

It’s normal for garage doors to sag, but leaving this to persist could make them lose their balance and have problems opening or closing. Nevertheless, an excellent way to avert this situation is to regularly check your garage door to see if there could be any possible sagging.

When doing so, leave your garage door halfway in one position. If your garage door rises or falls, it means that the pressure on its parts are maximum and needs a repair. Besides, sagging doors is an ideal path for pests, so repair or replace your garage door immediately to avoid pest infestation.

3. It Makes A Lot Of Noise

All garage doors make noise when they’re in action. However, if your garage door makes a lot of noise, that’s a clear sign that your garage door needs a repair or, in some cases, even a replacement. And to know what you’re dealing with, it’s best to know what kind of noise your garage door produces.

And finally, you should inspect the hinges, railings, and torsion springs if your garage door makes squeaking, rustling, or grating noises. For example, if the springs fail, you’ll hear a scraping or rumble sound when the door opens and closes. Likewise, if you hear a popping sound when the garage door is in operation, it means that some of its parts aren’t opening correctly.

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automatic garage door repair

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