The Key Things to Consider When Choosing Between Slide and Swing Gates

Choosing an automatic gate for your home or business is a great investment that makes a statement while also keeping your property safe and secure. But how do you choose between a slide gate opener and a swing gate opener? What’s the difference and how does your choice impact your property? 

In this article, we’ll outline the key things you need to consider when choosing between a slide gate opener and a swing gate opener. 

Swing Versus Slide: What’s the difference? 

The most common gates are operated with either a slide gate opener or a swing gate opener. Your choice of gate will depend on the placement of your gate, how wide or narrow it is and how much space you have around the gate. 


For instance, if you need a gate for a commercial property on a busy street, you’ll probably want to opt for a slide gate so that the gate doesn’t obstruct foot traffic and saves on space. 


Here’s the key difference between a slide gate opener and a swing gate opener. 


Slide Gate Opener – As the name suggests a slide gate slides from left to right or vice versa. This is a great option for wide gates, as the design allows the gate to slide to the side rather than open inwards or outwards. 


Swing Gate Opener – The swing gate opens inwards or outwards like a door. This is the best option for narrower gates that don’t require as much space to open and close. 

Should you choose an automatic or manual slide gate opener?

Automated slide gate openers or swing gate openers offer a lot more convenience and flexibility than their manual counterparts. Whether or not you go for an automatic slide gate opener usually depends on the placement of the gate. Typically, most gates are placed on the driveway of a property, meaning you’ll want to be able to open your gate at the touch of a button. Like an automated garage door, automated slide or swing gates are the way to go. 

If you already have a manual swing or slide gate, Eastern Garage Doors can install the appropriate slide gate opener or swing gate opener to automate your gate! 

Consider the aesthetics of the gate 

Finally, once you’ve decided whether a slide gate or swing gate is more suitable for your property, the last thing to consider is the design. The design of your gate can significantly increase your curb appeal if you choose the right finish. Wooden panels and metal barred gates are popular choices. Remember once you’ve picked out your gate, call Eastern Garage Doors to order and install your slide gate opener or swing gate opener! 

Call Eastern Garage Doors for slide or swing gate opener installation

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