Tips for Choosing the Right Roller Door Opener

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If your garage door is making creaky sounds or taking far too long to open…it might be time to look into fitting a new roller door opener. But how do you choose from all the roller door openers out there? Which one is best suited for your garage door?

In this article, we’ll cover our range of roller door openers to give you a better idea of what we have on offer and to help you choose the right roller door opener for you.
That being said, we always recommend having a chat with a garage door specialist before you attempt any DIY fitting of roller door openers. The last thing you need is a garage door that won’t open at all!

Merlin Silent Drive Essential

If you have a smaller residential roller door, the Merlin Silent Drive could be the roller door opener for you. This model is whisper quiet and comes with 2 handheld remotes. The 5-year warranty will also put your mind at ease.
Merlin is one of the world’s premium manufacturers of roller door openers, offering the latest in garage door technology and can be fitted to most major garage door brands.

Merlin Silent Drive Elite

If you’re looking for even more peace of mind when choosing a roller door opener you might want to check out the Merlin Silent Drive Elite. Featuring a very generous 7-year warranty and Merlin +2.0 encryption rolling code technology, this roller door opener is also MyQ compatible and battery back-up compatible.

This roller door opener is most suitable for larger garage doors or smaller doors that are older and heavier.

And it’s so quiet you’ll have to look twice to make sure your garage door is closing!

Merlin WeatherDrive

Another option is the Merlin WeatherDrive roller door opener. This roller door opener is the perfect solution for installing outdoors or for carports that tend to see a lot of rain. This roller door opener comes with a decent 3-year warranty and features a sturdy, weather-resistant design.
Compared to other major brands, Merlin roller door openers come equipped with up to 18% better range, so you’ll be able to get your door opening faster with this roller door opener!

Grifco LR-Drive

Have you got an oversized garage door? If so, you’ll want to purchase the Grifco LR Drive roller door opener. This roller door opener is semi-industrial and has the power to lift even the heaviest of roller doors. If you have a shopfront this is an ideal roller door opener for you as it features commercial terminals for dedicated opening and closing.

Capable of opening a 2.4-metre roller door in just 21 seconds, the Grifco LR Drive roller door opener is the fastest in its class!

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