Tips to Increase Your Garage Door Security Over Christmas

garage door security locks

Garage doors are mainly attached to our residence, and so if it’s faulty, it will always pose a danger to your family’s security.

The issue is that most of us pay more attention to indoor property but less to what’s going on in the garage. This gives intruders an advantage as they know you’re careless with your garage door.

But why is it essential to secure your garage during Christmas?

In this post, we’ll take a look at ways you can enhance your garage door security to avoid break-ins during Christmas.

But why is it essential to secure your garage during Christmas?

In this post, we’ll take a look at ways you can enhance your garage door security locks to avoid burglars attack during Christmas.

1. Get Some Motion Detecting Lights

If you don’t have a lighting system, please get one. And where possible, get a motion-detecting light to shine bright whenever someone approaches your garage. Efficient motion detecting lights will alert you to incoming persons and many times scare away intruders.

A sound lighting system will help you deter thieves as they prefer darkness for cover. Around Christmas, there are many robberies as people often go away for holidays, so having quality motion sensors and exterior floodlights is handy.

2. Fit Some Tinted Windows

Using tinted windows will help you avoid the light rays that burglars often use to peep and see the valuable property in your house that they can steal.

If your windows aren’t tinted, simply add a thin layer of tint or frost to make your window translucent; this will deter strangers from looking into your house while still allowing some light through.

Similarly, steer away from cheap windows, since they pose a lot of danger and can also be broken easily by thieves who can then access the interior of your house.

3. Invest in a Smart Opener

The best way to secure your garage door and home is by using a smart door opener.

This opener will be handy if you’re the type of person who sometimes forgets to lock the garage door: with a Smart Opener, you can close and unlock using your smartphone.

The smart lock has a synchronised app that gives you alerts and notifications when someone opens your garage door.

4. Add More Locks

Even though intelligent locks go a long way in ensuring the security of your home and garage, adding more mechanical locks for extra safety won’t hurt.

Intruders may get through your smart locks making mechanical locks a great backup.

5. Splash the Cash and Invest in Quality Garage Doors

Investing in garage doors and making the proper selections is essential in ensuring that your property is safe. Generally, steel doors are the best for security as they are strong and cannot be easily interfered with.

Similarly, make sure to replace old doors that are in bad condition. You don’t want a garage door that gives an intruder an easy time to enter your property. Also, fix any breakage or gaps you can see on your garage door.

Do You Need Garage Door Security Locks?

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