Top 5 Design Trends for Eastern Suburbs Garage Doors

eastern suburbs garage doors

Eastern suburbs garage doors | As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increased level of focus in homes than in any other place—with most people spending much of their time building and improving housing structures to make their home experience a breeze.

And one of the focus areas is the garage – with many people updating their garage door to a modern style that is safe and reliable, more convenient, and open to the latest technology trends.

However, it can be challenging to find the ideal garage door to improve and suit your home. Not to worry, the team at Eastern Garage Doors will walk you through some of the Top 5 Design Trends you will need to consider.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Top 5 Design Trends for Garage Doors

eastern suburbs garage doors

1. Flush Mount Garage Doors

Flush finish refers to the garage door’s surface being in a similar plane with the external wall. That said, the flush mount garage door can harmonise your frontage with a veneer of your preference, creating a seamless aspect to your home front. These garage doors can be covered with the building’s exterior materials such as aluminium composite panels, timbers, composite timbers, acrylic, etc.

2. Barn Style Garage Doors

A farmhouse style garage door can be an excellent option if you want a barn theme. This style offers various colour options to make your home designs magnificent.

To allow a visual effect of your harsh brick-walled garage, use a natural timber colour garage door. Alternatively, choose your best colour from the decoration colour scheme for your garage door painting needs.

An example of barn door design is the X-style design, one of the most popular barn door designs. The whole door is usually made by an icon X design, in which the icon X brace design builds on an extreme profundity to the existing decor. That said, this style is an excellent way of making your barn doors captivating and dramatic.

3. Steel and Statement Doors

Steel garage doors are among the most loved garage door styles in Australia. They are an excellent choice if you prefer functionality to style. Additionally, they are durable and come with superb thermal insulation. The best of all is that you can also customise your steel garage door to your taste and preference.

4. Black on Black

White has dominated the design world for the past decade. However, black is now becoming more popular, and there are high chances that people will shift. Black garage walls and doors blend perfectly to create a harmonious aesthetic.

A black wall complements the black garage doors and adds a modern and masculine touch to them. If you aren’t fighting for people’s attention, painting both your garage doors and walls using the same colour is an excellent idea.

5. Natural Timber Garage Doors

Timber is an excellent insulator and can help you reduce cooling and heating expenditure. Unlike aluminium or other heat-conductors, timber ensures your home is cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.

Natural timber garage doors are gaining popularity in 2021. You can build a stunning timber garage door using high-quality hardwood, providing a refined and sophisticated look and adding value to your home.

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