What Supercars Superstar Greg Murphy has to advise on garage and driveway safety

Did you know that Greg Murphy is not only a professional race car superstar, but he’s also a proud Merlin ambassador? If you’re not familiar with Merlin, they supply high quality accessories that primarily support garage door safety. 

Recently, Merlin sat down with Greg Murphy to interview him about all things garage door safety. As somebody who races cars around a track over 300kmph, he knows a thing or two about risky situations. 

Garage door safety is no laughing matter, with more than 3000 driveway and garage accidents occurring in 2020 alone. 

So with that said, here’s what Supercars superstar Greg Murphy has to say about garage door safety. 

Good examples of garage door safety

During Greg’s interview with Merlin, he was asked about good examples of garage door safety. Here’s what he had to say in response: 

“Paying attention is my number one must for safety behaviours at home – which I know sounds simple, but in this digital age, it’s not always the case.

It only takes one person to not be paying attention for an accident to happen. The kids could be coming home from school, plugged into their tech and in their own world, and you could be running late and hurrying out of the house.

This can be a recipe for disaster. It’s so important to never let your guard down, especially around high-risk areas such as the driveway and garage – always be aware of where the kids and pets are before moving in and around the garage.

Teaching and demonstrating good safety behaviours go hand in hand with having the right safety technology.”

Greg’s best tips for garage door safety

Greg shared his top three tips for garage door safety with Merlin. According to Greg, it’s critical to have a plan in place for garage door safety. By being prepared, you can prevent accidents before they happen. 

His second tip for garage door safety involves awareness. Greg says, “Don’t assume that everyone else around you will be paying attention, always triple check that the driveway is clear before pulling out.” 

Lastly, Greg’s final tip involves garage door technology. Greg believes in investing in the right tech that puts yours and your family’s safety first. 

What Greg loves about Merlin when it comes to garage door safety

Many families use their garages as multi-use spaces, therefore it’s highly important to consider garage door safety. Thankfully, Merlin offers some really smart tech solutions to enhance your garage door safety and security. 

Here’s what Greg had to say about Merlin’s smart tech, “What I love about Merlin is that it considers the risks and potential hazards that your garage might pose and develops the technology to make your home a controlled environment to keep the family safe.

Technology such as Safety Beams are great tools to help protect the family in the garage. If the beams detect a child, pet or even a toy while your garage door is closing, it will immediately reverse before even making contact. 

Merlin’s myQ App, furthers this security by allowing you to monitor and control your garage door movements from your smartphone.

Everything we do each day has some element of risk, so by combining the right safety equipment with safe behaviours, you can help to manage your family’s level of risk.”

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