Why you should never attempt DIY garage door spring replacement

garage door spring replacement

As a company with over 25 years of experience in the automated garage door industry, we’ve heard plenty of horror stories about DIY garage door spring replacement! 

Whether we hear it from our customers or another industry professional, more often than not DIY garage door spring replacement results in some kind of injury during the spring changeover. 

Injuries can end up quite severe, and both extension and torsion style springs are both dangerous. This is why you should never attempt a DIY garage door spring replacement on your own. Instead, call out the Eastern Garage Doors team to do it for you. That way you can avoid the risk of injury and have peace in mind in knowing that the job has been completed correctly. 

But in case you still need convincing, here’s some more reasons why you should never do DIY garage door spring replacement. 

Here’s what could happen if you attempt DIY garage door spring replacement 

Tilt garage doors normally come with extension springs, and this type of spring has quite a large tendency to shoot off when replacing it, potentially causing damage to any parked cars or people who happen to be in its way. 

Extension springs are also dangerous to change when they’re not broken. Because these springs are so tightly wound, if you try and remove them from hooks you could find that they snap back very quickly. It’s not unusual for an extension spring to slash an arm up or even end up through a hand. 

Then there’s torsion springs. Torsion springs are attached to a pole, meaning that they won’t fling off at you. They can still do serious damage though. If you attempt to take the tension off of the springs using the tension bar, you might be left with a broken eye socket, broken knuckles, or a myriad of other injuries from being knocked off your ladder. 

How? Well injuries usually happen when people pull out the tension bar too early or slip when inserting the bar into the hole. If this happens the spring rapidly unravels. And if one of the bars is still in there it can come down on your head or hands with pretty major force. Ouch! 

The thing is, your garage door springs are designed to lift a door that weighs around 150 kilograms. So when the force of your springs are released, it can do some serious damage. This is why most homeowners call in the professionals instead of attempting DIY garage door spring replacement. 

After all, doesn’t it make sense to pay a small fee to get it done properly over the pain of an injury, medical bills and time off work? Whether you choose Eastern Garage Doors or another garage door company, always play it safe. Don’t attempt DIY garage door spring replacement. 

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